I know all of these fundraising posts are pretty common now and getting to be really annoying, but I really need help.

My dog, Snickers, was rescued from a puppy mill about 2 years ago. When we got him, he was extremely shy and reluctant to approach any of us. Within a few months, he warmed up to us and soon became my biggest cuddle buddy, fellow Netflix watcher, and the first face I saw when I came home from school/work. He has such a huge, loving personality and constantly makes me laugh with his silly expressions and mannerisms. Recently, he came down with pancreatitis. I currently am in school in New York City, which left my mom by herself worrying over what might happen to our little fur ball. Luckily, Snickers is doing much better and will be able to come home soon (we hope), but the vet bills are pretty extravagant. My mom is working really hard to afford to send me to school here in New York, which makes money super tight in other areas— like this vet bill. I know both my mom and I really aren’t fans of asking for money, but we really need help in getting Snickers back home and healthy. Any amount helps, and my mom, Snickers, and I would be eternally grateful for any help we get. 

You can make donations by going here:

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